Welcome to Taiping Sentral Mall. Our Operating Hours: Monday - Sunday (10am - 10pm)

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Pertandingan, Perhimpunan dan Promosi Orkid
Date: 23-12-2017 10:00am to 31-12-2017 10:00pm
"Bridging Between the Two Town" Art Exhibition
Date: 07-12-2017 10:00am to 07-01-2018 10:00pm
"Papa, Come Home" Movie Roadshow
Date: 19-11-2017 12:00pm

Latest Promotions

Taiping Sentral Mobile Fair 2018
Date: 17-01-2018 to 21-01-2018
Ekspo Perabut Wan You Furniture
Date: 04-01-2018 to 14-01-2018
2017 Year End Shopping & Back-to-School Fair
Date: 06-12-2017 to 02-01-2018

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